Construction Station Company, a new business era.

The Domestic Libyan market is now entering into a very different future where business culture is affecting the new global economy, emerging and growing significantly. Business models from older philosophies are fading with history. Libyan companies now need to re-invent themselves and cope with the change and transformation. From this point forward Construction Station will become a leader in the field of partnership and alliance with foreign companies.

Strategic alliances and joint ventures between companies are an important key step to business strategy. It can provide incredible opportunities for companies to gain access to the Libyan market achieving faster entry while minimizing risks and gaining more power in the market. Strategic alliances and joint ventures between companies also help to maintain a higher level of flexibility for companies in comparison with other companies that do not have a partnership. Without a partnership operations of the companies are very complex and almost impossible. Construction Station is a holding company that owns several other companies, such as Alasala Cranes and Heavy Machinery Rental and Al-Mowahed Asphalt Plant. Our background, experience and knowledge in the local markets will allow our partners a mutually beneficial relationship and open the doors to a market rich with opportunities.